Bill Gates, when asked for his thoughts on automation, had this to say, “The first rule of technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.”

Customer Service and 

After-Sales Enhancement

In the critical areas of customer service and after-sales, your team can find themselves so tied down by the repetitive and mundane tasks that they encounter on a daily basis, that there is narrow scope to provide any additional, lasting value or pitch added incentives to an already-frustrated client. However, digital advancements and automation now make it possible for finance companies to create self-service channels across a variety of platforms, improving workflow and providing effective solutions to their clients. With automation freeing up staff, time and resources, your customer service team can then concentrate on providing more intelligent support or tackling the more challenging requests that come through.

Robotic Process Automation can be deployed into your business to immediately transform the work being done by your customer service and after-sales team. By introducing chatbots to improve self-service and operate around the clock, technology can instantly repeat the answers to the same questions you encounter, while assisting customers with issues over and over again. This helps to generate extensive cost savings in the short to medium term, while the automation of push notifications to customers ensures that all after-sales queries are continuously monitored, keeping your clients fully updated and informed of deadlines and outcomes to their queries. 

By tapping into AI-powered data analytics, your business can avoid the generic guidance trap, by being able to offer clients a more personalised experience from your company. Automation and Machine Learning is capable of interpreting large sets of customer data to generate actionable insights for your company, such as individualised upsell and cross-selling of financial services based on clients preferences, behaviour and buying history. Through Microsoft Power BI you can access enterprise business intelligence far beyond what is possible on Excel, which can then be communicated to the relevant key account managers and stakeholders in your business.

Through cloud-based solutions, your financial practice can implement intelligent customer communication right across all departments, platforms and channels in your company. Team members can collaborate, report and analyse any aspect of the customer conversation, ensuring better customer satisfaction and greater retention.


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SERVICE Delivery

In a saturated financial services market, a move towards virtual service delivery is a key component in maximising efficiency and driving down costs, all while tightening security and delivering the best customer experience to your clients                                                               



Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates, when asked for his thoughts on automation, had this to say, “The first rule of technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency”.