Microsoft Teams Meetings – the Essential, Collaboration Hook Up

With lock-down in full swing around the globe, an increasing number of organisations are turning to Microsoft Teams meetings, in order to communicate across their remote workforce. In fact, with over 42 million registered daily users, the platform has proven that it can manage the huge upsurge in volume and traffic while continuing to offer a host of features in one integrated network. In our previous Blog article, we discussed supporting factors for choosing Microsoft Teams and how it can enrich the productivity of your remote workforce. This article briefly outlines the advantages of Microsoft Teams meetings experiences; from standard meetings to an individual, channel and live events, as an asset that every company should be using

Stay in Contact with your Team, in real-time

At Tangent Solutions, everyone we speak to is intrigued at how organisations are using Teams, in particular how to conduct meetings across departments, individually, and with external partners. We use Microsoft Teams meetings almost every day – jumping on a call to discuss challenges, progress, and solutions among the team of architects building solutions for our clients. Team meetings’ offer remote workforces a suite of intelligent communication methods. From checking in with a colleague and reaching out for advice, to making quick but important operational decisions, many office processes can be accelerated through a quick one-on-one or group Teams meeting.

What the Meetings Experience actually looks like

Not to be confused with the Skype background and comparisons, Microsoft Teams is a completely new infrastructure. The company has also split the meeting experience into a number of different channels, for different objectives.

Scheduled Meeting – structured meetings, planned in advance, available to participants both within and outside of your organisation.

Live Events – the grandmaster of all meetings, allowing you to accommodate up to 10,000 meeting participants, and incorporate a moderated Q&A session.

Private Meetings – Closed-participant meetings allowing users to call on the full stack of Teams capabilities.

Ad-hoc – users can congregate online with a simple “click and meet now” approach for instant meetings inside of teams.

All Microsoft Teams meetings can be recorded ‘on the fly’, allowing you to go back, at any stage, to reference what was discussed. Not only do you have a discussion during that meeting, but Teams allow a conversation and a collaboration about that meeting topic to be continued long after the “virtual door” has been shut. For more information and troubleshooting on how to navigate and choose the right meeting type, explore these Microsoft Office Teams Support resources.

Why choose Microsoft Teams Meeting over all other platforms?

There are literally too many innovations and updates that place Microsoft at the top of the pile to fit into a single blog. Here are our top five contenders.

Live Captioning – transforming your discussions into a rich meeting room experience, allowing everyone to follow along

Audio Conferencing – People can dial in from across over 90 countries, with the use of a dial-in number, via PSTN (public switched telephone network)

File-Sharing – Being able to share that files that you’re working with, no longer entails someone having to make notes or type up a document. Users can actually create that file experience inside of teams and they can share it with everyone that is part of that meeting.

Full Fidelity Experience – Microsoft Teams meetings provide that rich, full-fidelity experience to people sitting inside of the meeting as if they were living in other products inside of your office 365 stack.

Enable your Workforce to hop on Microsoft Teams Today

Ultimately, Teams meetings transform, not only the way people work with a laptop or on their smartphones, but also the creation of a rich meeting room experience that extends to an audience of up 10,000 people via Town Hall events. At Tangent Solutions, we have embraced Teams meetings since its inception, and can barely keep up with the updates and extra features which Microsoft introduces, to make Teams meetings the premier, and most secure way to collaborate in real-time. Contact our team today to revolutionise the way your workforce does business.