When you think about the potential of Cloud, it is not about the Cloud infrastructure itself, but on what the Cloud can enable for your business, your workforce and customer engagement. In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak and the widespread adoption of remote workforces and data access, Application Modernisation has emerged as a key strategy for companies to migrate current workloads to the Cloud to achieve greater flexibility and efficiency, and long term cost-savings. By adopting the latest technologies, secured in a cloud environment, businesses can trigger scalability and agility by running their applications in a modernised tech environment that can meet their future growth demands. 


According to Accenture application modernisation introduces back-office and process efficiencies that significantly reduces cost. This represents a significant saving, and long-term cost stabilisation, in comparison to legacy systems. The cost saving includes:



IT operation cost



Cost saving on development



Application and infrastructure



Service costs per policy


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Better Fault Resilience

Fault Resilience in IT is the ability of your applications to continue functioning despite any failure in certain system components. App Modernisation ensures that, should any element of an application fail, that particular component can be anticipated and isolated, with minimal effect to downtime and the smooth running of your critical applications

Significant Cost Savings

By using just the computation you need and avoiding unnecessary, expensive hardware acquisition and upkeep, businesses benefit from both reduced hosting costs and the overall total cost of ownership. By avoiding the expensive costs of maintaining and replacing traditional legacy systems, Application modernisation charges you only for the resources you need and removes the need for maintenance of physical infrastructure, creating significant cost savings for the benefactor.

Reduced Dependence on outsourced IT Support

By operating in a serverless, cloud environment that constantly and automatically updates, businesses can reduce the dependence on IT professionals (either externally or internally) to keep their systems in perfect working order. The risk to your business of a breakdown of outdated systems and the subsequent reliance on costly resources for disaster recovery is replaced by a modernised, technology stack that is secure, and constantly monitored and updated.

Improved Business Agility

In the age of digital transformation, companies can no longer guarantee their survival or continuous growth by being big or strong - it is the most agile enterprises that can navigate through disruptive threats while keeping the customer experience at the centre of their processes, Application Modernisation is a technical solution that creates business agility by re-engineering their application architecture from the ground up. By diverting away from the siloed system approach, app modernisation allows for a high degree of flexibility that is required to adapt to changing business models, emerging technologies and customer expectations.

performance optimisation

Performance Optimisation ensures that each modernised application is designed, tested and implemented to best leverage Cloud services, while meeting operational requirements.

performance optimisation

Performance Optimisation ensures that each modernised application is designed, tested and implemented to best leverage Cloud services, while meeting operational requirements.

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DevOps brings together people, processes, and technology to provide the continuous delivery of value to an aspiring business. By employing DevOps practices to bring multi-disciplinary teams together in modernised application environments, organisations can move quickly at scale with improved reliability and enhanced security. By bringing your development and operations together with shared tools and understanding, businesses can solve functional issues quickly, more frequently and with a greater fault resilience.


Microservices is the practice of structuring applications into smaller collections of coupled, lightweight services. In the app modernisation lifecycle, it makes each component easy to test, manage and develop, and capable of being isolated from other components, so as not to crash the entire system through one fault. Microservices allows your business to deploy new functionality and upgrades quickly with the advantage of being able to scale up and down without compromising your entire application architecture.


When speed of delivery is a crucial factor in adding greater functionality to your business systems, containerisation steps to allow you to respond quickly to changes in demand or failure. Tangent Solutions deploys Kubernetes, a Microsoft open-source framework allowing your different applications to talk to each other. For your business, it allows you to modernise your applications on fewer machines, saving on costs, while working in tandem so you can benefit from greater speed and performance across your desktop, IT and cloud environments.

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