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You’ve heard all the hype about cloud, and everyone is talking about the benefits of cloud when it comes to digital transformation. However, choosing to go to cloud is only the first step in your business modernisation journey. There are a few more things to consider when migrating to cloud. 

Selecting the right service provider is one of them. Whether your environment is already in the cloud or you are planning to migrate, choosing the right service provider can make a huge difference. 

Set your business up for resilience and success by choosing the right cloud SERVICE provider. Alternatively, your business runs the risk of being hit with the same on-premise issues you thought the cloud migration would fix. 

At Tangent Solutions, our team of cloud and DevOps experts implement trusted and proven solutions based on the cloud adoption framework. Moreover, the cloud operations environment is delivered in accordance with the pillars of the well architectured framework. This foundation is built to capitalise on relevant technologies, methodologies and practices to ensure your environment is resilient and secure from the start. Meaning your cloud environment works effectively and efficiently to meet your business needs. 

Cloud Done Right is the

Difference Between...

Optimal Productivity

& the frustration of waiting for something to load

managing a security event before it becomes an issue

Or paying a hacker to hopefully get your information back

Reduced and Managed Budgetary costs 

Vs. uncontrolled and runaway costs

Your Cloud Environment Efficacy is dependant on being architected & operated Correctly

Putting the 'SeRvice' into cloud service provider 

In a digital landscape, it's 'Cloud First'. A world where the underlying technology, methodologies and practices heavily influence client and employee experiences, no matter the device. It is not enough to just migrate your hosting (lift & shift) to the cloud. Rather a well architectured framework is the core underpinning in the development agility, a cloud environment designed for resilience and security from the start. 

Here's where Tangent comes in. There are many aspects to cloud environment development and delivery, and the great news is that it's a journey. You can start by migrating your current assets and applications to the cloud, or you can take on a holistic modernisation strategy to ensure your business remains relevant and ready for a digital future.  


A well architected, resourced, and tooled cloud environment offers elasticity. As a business, you no longer need to resource an on-premise environment to cater for your worst case scenario. Today you can migrate to the cloud and use only the resources you need and only at the times you require.  


By implementing the right tools, you can configure your cloud environment to automate a variety of factors within your estate. This includes building applications, monitoring access, governance, cost management, disaster recovery and elasticity. A correctly configured environment not only allows for automation but also caters for downtown, should any of your infrastructure fail. 


At its most basic, there is a foundational governance policy structure that is part of any well architectured environment. We believe this should be supplemented to meet the requirements of the businesses future state security and desired uptime objectives.

Cost Management 

Not all clouds are 'SERVICED' equally, and one of the most significant consequences of an ineffectively configured cloud environment is rampant costs. Escalating costs are indicative of bad architecture, governance and ineffective data metrics. 

The Benefits of a Well Architectured Cloud Environment

In a well architectured environment, cloud is cheaper. It is purposefully operated utilising the pillars of the well architectured framework and monitored through relevant tooling. This framework enables effective cost management based on data and trend analysis that empowers operational governance and environment automation to ensure diligent cost management.  


Depending on your business needs, Tangent Solutions provides a host of CSP offerings.

  • CloudHealth
  • Self-service portal for procurement management
  • Support services & Microsoft Advanced Support
  • Monthly budget exceeded escalation

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