Inspire Day 2: 11 July 2017

Errrgghh. Feeling the conference a bit this morning. I put alot of focus on ‘networking’ last night. Met some great people and have been quite inspired to push myself a little harder in terms of getting to know more people, their businesses and also getting them to know me and Tangent. Honourary mentions to the Hawley brothers, Robert and Alasdair, from SIS Global and the Karabina team. Robert told us about his amazing adventures in the Cape to Rio yacht race, which can one can read at @Samanatha from Karabina, sincere apologies about Rey 🙂

Back to the conference, Day 2 of Inspire. As happens everyday of the Inspire conference, each day starts with a keynote address. Effort was very obviously put into ensuring the issues of Day 1 in terms of access and security were sorted out. It was a completely painless process and we got to our seats quickly and easily. Thank you to the MS Partner team and the event organizers for recognizing and reacting decisively. The theme of Day 2’s keynote address was ‘Be inspired’, with the keynote highlighting and demoing award winning partner’s solutions that are pushing the boundaries of technology and truly creating digital transformation. No major announcements today, though again the One Commercial Partner motion and opportunity of the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge was highlighted.

Of great note and pride to Team South Africa was ISV partner BroadReach showcasing their Vantage solution on stage. This was the first time that a South African Partner has presented at a keynote at Inspire/WPC. A large problem within the battle against HIV/Aids is accessing patients, giving them effective treatment and then ensuring that their treatment continues. BroadReach’s solution provides governments, NGOs and health organizations granular visibility on treatment success and failures across the monitored and managed regions. To date their solution has saved the lives of close to 90000 people in Kwa-Zulu Natal. An amazing achievement. Also, congratulations to Morgan Webb, BroadReach’s partner manager, for helping them on their journey. You must have been extremely proud. Nice one mate!

After the keynote we again headed back to the conference center. Disappointedly our scheduled connect meetings weren’t fruitful but improtu meetings in the Commons area were very effective. I had a great chat with the Red Hat team about the Open Source opportunity on Azure. We are a open source company with all our workloads running on Azure. The synergies of working with RedHat and Microsoft are obvious and we’re definitely going to be putting energy into this relationship. Also had a great session with the Hands on Labs team. The Azure Hands On Labs effectively provides a mechanism for you to fast track your sales with your customers through the use of pre-built and targeted content. Hands on Labs besides for helping close sales quicker are also an amazing tool for your business development managers to educate themselves on the technologies of the cloud which in turn will also assist sales.

Rey was completely blown away by the DevOps session hosted by Donovan Brown. VSTS has really stepped up to the plate as a end-to-end project delivery management environment. Of note to Tangent was the cross-platform and multiple language support. Might be time to relook at our Jenkins infrastructure.

The first networking event of the evening was a drinks reception hosted by AvePoint, an award winning partner for their CityNext solution. This was my first opportunity as a Regional Director to meet other Regional Directors which was quite exciting. The reception and celebration was hosted by Dux Raymond Suy, a prominent United States based RD. It was great meeting you Dux, and congratulations again on the award!

After the AvePoint reception we headed to the South African dinner at the Sixth Engine. It was great spending the evening chatting to other South African Partners and finding out about their businesses. The evening was a major success. Many thanks to Danie Gordon for organizing!

Today is the last day of Inspire. Its been an amazing experience so far. I’m feeling like I haven’t had a chance to do as much as I should. Going to push it quite hard today.

Dave Nel,

Managing Partner, Tangent Solutions

Microsoft Regional Director