Business Challenge The biggest challenge for Nedbank is getting every single team to embrace the DevOps culture. As most processes are still done manually, employees face a certain level of job insecurity through the introduction of concepts such as infrastructure as code and continuous automation. Nedbank faces the following challenges:

• Lack of collaboration and communication between architecture, application, operation, development, and security teams
• No infrastructure as code
• No standards with regards to code quality and best practices
• No standards around infrastructure setup
• No automation within its infrastructure deployment
• Testing practices are not part of the development lifecycle


Tangent Solutions is helping Nedbank employees to go through procedures of different tool-chains such as Jira, Bitbucket, MS Teams, Jenkins, and VSTS, amongst others. Tangent Solutions believes in the simplicity principle. The company simplified some of the continuous integration (CI) processes using XebiaLabs products by building python plugins that integrate with various systems. At the same time, there is continuous monitoring to track how many users are using different tools. Most importantly Tangent Solutions is assisting different teams within Nedbank to embrace the DevOps culture and enforce best practices for quality software delivery through TDD and BDD.


A number of teams are starting to come to the party, embracing concepts such as CI, continuous delivery, TDD, BDD. Moreover, they understand that DevOps is not a practice, but a culture. Demonstrations and training is taking place within different Nedbank teams to ease adoption of aforementioned concepts. Tangent Solutions is anticipating assisting between 100 and 200 teams within Nedbank to take this DevOps journey in the first half of 2019.