Why choose AWS and Tangent Solutions for Disaster Recovery?

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Tangent Solutions, you gain access to a global infrastructure that enables you to seamlessly establish a reliable and highly available disaster recovery (DR) solution. Your organisation can spin up resources on an as-needed, pay-as-you-go basis and enable continuity to mitigate disasters, while realising significant cost savings compared to a physical DR site.


Having the ability to deploy your infrastructure and restore your data, only in the event of a disaster saves you money as you only pay for the infrastructure when it is running.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Leveraging AWS for DR allows you to leverage on-demand DR infrastructure rather than paying for dedicated assets in a physical environment, replacing large scale capital expenditure (CapEx) with much lower operational expenses (OpEx).

Accelerated Restoration

AWS’s rapid storing and retrieval of files enables you to meet a variety of recovery time objectives (RTOs). Fast retrieval allows organizations to avoid fines for missing compliance deadlines.

Understand Dependencies

AWS Application Discovery Service collects information on inbound and outbound network activity, such as server hostnames, IP addresses, media access control (MAC) addresses, and resource allocation, and utilization details of key resources, providing insight into dependencies across servers.

Plans that Grow with You

AWS allows you to test your target DR systems in whichever manner best meets your needs. Updating DR plans, managing the minimal infrastructure needed to keep your failover site prepared, and testing target DR systems are all a button away.

Disaster Recovery with Tangent Solutions on AWS

AWS can enable rapid disaster recovery of critical IT systems without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site.

AWS supports many popular DR architectures, including Pilot Light, Warm Standby, and Multi-Site environments. Click the video to the left to learn more.


amazon elastic compute cloud
(amazon ec2)

Amazon EC2 delivers flexible compute capacity and allows you to rapidly spin up pre-configured virtual machines that are tailored to your environment, so you can execute a rapid failover in case of a disaster.

Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)

Point-in-time snapshots of data volumes can be taken and stored in Amazon S3 for long-term durability. Amazon EBS volumes provide off-instance storage that can be replicated across multiple servers to prevent any loss of data.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

A highly durable storage target for backup data, serving as an alternative to tape, that redundantly stores data across multiple devices, enabling you to perform rapid restores.

Amazon Glacier

Extremely low-cost storage for data archiving and backup. Objects are optimized for infrequent access, helping achieve fast retrieval times in case of a disaster, with the same durability as Amazon S3.


'Everything fails, all the time.'

Werner Vogels - AWS CTO 

Making sure your business is able to withstand a disaster is more important now than ever before, in todays connected world.

With DR-as-a-Service you no longer need to worry about this because we at Tangent Solutions ensure that your business is backed-up and running should anything happen to your infrastructure and data.


Stay up to date with the latest resources and best practices for Disaster Recovery on AWS.

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