Migrate off restrictive, expensive commercial databases, and enter a whole new world of innovation and agility with Amazon Aurora.
 Amazon Aurora, a cloud-native, MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database, provides the performance and availability of commercial grade databases at 1/10th the cost. It offers Oracle and SQL Server customers a clear path to database freedom, combining the best of open source with the benefits of AWS.

database freedom initiative 

Modern cloud-based applications and analytics systems must be globally available, operate with microsecond to millisecond latency, handle millions of requests per second, operate with zero downtime, cost only what is needed, and be managed efficiently. AWS offers a range of purpose-built database and analytics services to help customers meet these needs.

Drop old-guard commercial databases

Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating restrictive, expensive commercial database licenses.

Modernize databases and applications

Stay competitive in the new world of cloud-born applications and tap into the full benefits of modern application development.

Embrace the power of the cloud

Process millions of requests per second, and scale to support users anywhere in the world with cloud-native services.

Event Driven Insights

Utilise additional cloud native capabilities that empower you to generate real-time event driven insights and actions.

Amazon Aurora runs your applications and frees up IT

Migrate off commercial engines, such as Oracle or SQL Server

Amazon Aurora powers enterprise applications that need a relational database. Compared to old-guard, commercial databases, Amazon Aurora can help cut down your database costs by 90% or more while improving reliability and availability of the database.

Focus on building high-quality Software as a Service (SaaS) applications

Many SaaS applications run multi-tenant architectures, which require high performance and reliability as well as great deal of flexibility for instance and storage scaling. Amazon Aurora offers a managed database service built to handle the complexities of SaaS, while freeing up developers to focus on creating high-quality applications instead of managing the database.

Tangent Solutions is a well known proponent of open source software. With many years of experience in building software for customers using open source tools and with a cloud-first mindset you are in safe hands. Let Tangent help you lower your database licensing costs and at the same time unlock the other benefits of the cloud.

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Tired of over-paying commercial database vendors? Move your database to AWS Aurora and save up to 90%

Database freedom

Migrate to AWS database and analytics services.

amazon aurora

MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database built for the cloud.
Performance and availability of commercial-grade databases at 1/10th the cost.

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