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Get insights faster with automated data analytic pipelines

Data and data sources are growing rapidly both in volume and diversity. This data also needs to be securely accessed and analyzed by any number of applications and people. The size, complexity, and varied sources of data means that customers need solutions that can help them analyze data at the scale and flexibility they need.

data warehousing

With services like AWS EMR, you can leverage Apache Hadoop for cost and performance optimized ETL processes by ingesting data from various sources and loading them into Redshift for analytics.

serverless etl

We have invested extensively in serverless technologies when building out ETL pipelines as major or supporting components for our customers’ needs. Entire ETL processes can be contained within an orchestration of Lambda functions, each triggered for different stages of these pipelines. AWS S3 is used as a data collector, and proxy storage vehicle for successive transformation or conversion jobs. Finally, exposing a secure entry point to the ETL system is achieved by creating REST API endpoints with AWS API Gateway.

data and analytics services

These are some of the AWS Services to highlight when facing real-world data analytics problems:


Store virtually infinite amounts of data in various file formats with out-of-the-box features like encryption, life-cycle management, enhanced access management etc., without thinking about servers and storage volume management. In the realm of Data and Analytics, S3 is built for Data Lakes, and storage modules to facilitate robust and cost-efficient data analytics pipelines.


Athena turns a data lake in S3 into a rich source of information by enabling SQL-based querying for your S3 buckets. Athena integrates into the rest of the AWS ecosystem, allowing you to quickly take your data from its raw and unstructured state to visual dashboards and graphs for analytics, using services like Amazon QuickSight.


Run code without having to manage servers! As an alternative for AWS Glue and to cater for solutions at different scales, we use Lambda to form part of our serverless ETL stack.

AWS Glue

AWS Glue is an event-driven, serverless computing platform that runs code in response to events and automatically manages the computing resources required by that code. With Spark jobs converted into crawlers for a wide variety of data types, Glue enables uniformity for your data analytics needs.

Benefits of Data and Analytics solutions on AWS

Faster Insights

Gain a broad set ofanalytic tools at alower cost to help youget business insightsfaster.


Keep your data safe byleveraging tools thatmeet the requirementsof the most security sensitive organizations.

Flexible and scalable

Collect, store, categorize, and analyze your data at scale, with services that meet your unique needs.

Partner benefit

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use cases

Data Lakes

Migrate massive volumes of unrelated data to a data lake on AWS, where it can swiftly and simply be leveraged for critical business insights. Businesses might not know the value of their data yet, but want to store data early on for when that untapped potential gets released.

Modern data warehousing

Unlock insights by migrating, collecting, transforming, and visualizing your data on Amazon Redshift.

Real-time analytics

Turn streaming data into actionable insights to accelerate decision making.


Event-driven ETL

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