Tangent Solutions has leveraged the integrated suite of services from AWS to help customers get insights faster at a lower cost. The flexibility and scalability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Tangent Solutions builds secure and easy to use data and analytics solutions into a source of value generation for customers. Transforming data into a valuable corporate asset is a complex process that can require dozens of technologies, tools, and environments.

The flexibility and scalability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows APN Partners to build secure and easy to use data and analytics solutions into a source of value generation for customers. These secure and easy to use managed services, along with the help of Tangent Solutions, enable customers deploy virtually any big data.

 They say, data is the new oil, but, unlike traditional oil, data is growing every second at a rate that requires high scalability to store and process this data, making cloud the natural choice. With AWS being the most popular among them and companies around the world finding ways to get the most out of their data. Here's how Tangent Solutions with AWS can help you turn your data into insight.

data pipeline

Setting up a data pipeline is critical to how much value you can generate from your data. Processing data usually involves four stages – collecting the data, storing it in a data lake, processing and enriching the data using Extract, transform, load (ETL), artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to extract useful information and finally, the data is consumed by the services that can provide meaningful insights such as dashboards. Easier said than done, each of these stages require a lot of effort to setup with Tangent Solution we handle the building of the entire data pipeline for you.

faster insights

Gain a broad set of analytic tools at a lower cost to help you get business insights faster.


Keep your data safe by leveraging tools that meet the requirements of the most security sensitive organizations.


Collect, store, categorize, and analyze your data at scale, with services that meet your unique needs.

Data Enrichment

Get more from your data by using artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enrich your data.

use cases


Migrate massive volumes of unrelated data to a data lake on AWS, where it can swiftly and simply be leveraged for critical business insights.

modern data warehousing

Unlock insights by migrating, collecting, transforming, and visualizing your data on Amazon Redshift.


Turn streaming data into actionable insights to accelerate decision making using Tangent Solution services built on Amazon Kinesis.

on Cloud

Batch, Interactive and Stream data processing along with several services for extracting valuable insights using Machine Learning.

At Tangent Solutions we have built a world-class team of Amazon Web Services (AWS) engineers. We have a unique
3-lens view
of the hyperscale cloud world having combined our Telco Scalability, Infrastructure Engineering and Software Development skills into a single APN Advanced Consulting Partner team. We have structured our AWS services around guiding and supporting you as you contemplate, migrate, operate and innovate successfully on the world’s largest cloud platform

AWS Analytics Data Flow

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