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At Tangent we believe that mobility is fast becoming the future of enterprise and personal computing, which is why we specialise in mobile app development services that enable businesses to reach their potential. We will turn your company's services into a useful mobile app to improve operational efficiency.

Case Study

Investec Bank Mobile Application

The Investec Bank mobile application is built for Investec Bank customers to conduct both their day to day banking facilities as well as manage their portfolio.

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The mobile application offers users standard banking functionalities such as viewing accounts, making payments and inter-account transfers, managing beneficiaries and purchasing pre-paid services such as electricity and airtime.

Due to the high portfolio value of the traditional Investec client, functionalities are provided to assist users to manage their portfolios. These include buying and selling shares, indepth insight into the user’s personal portfolio, budgetary management tools and market and trading insights. The application is currently available on iOS, Android and Windows 8 with Windows Phone to be released shortly.

Tangent provided senior technical resources to the project during its initiation and have continued to do so throughout the lifespan of the application. Currently Tangent is responsible for the Windows Phone implementation and upgrade to Windows 8.1.

Built on Cordova
  • The Investec mobile app is a hybrid (HTML, JS & CSS) application built on Cordova.
  • Cordova is a mobile framework which compiles hybrid applications into native apps, by providing a runtime wrapper.
  • The above wrapper makes use of a uniform API to interact with native capabilities across multiple mobile platforms.
BackboneJS architecture
  • Backbone, which is a MV* framework, gives structure to single page applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling, and connects it all an API over a RESTful JSON interface.
  • Backbone is flexible with a very small footprint
  • The application consumes various API’s over a secured HTTPS protocol.
  • To reinforce secure communication with API’s the application makes use of SSL pinning to mitigate Man-in-the-middle attacks. This is achieved by evaluating the server certificate used to sign all response payloads, ensuring the identity of the server.
Entersekt SDK
Device enrolment (registering a device to a user’s account) is achieved by using a third party SDK provided by Entersekt.