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13 Jul 2017

Inspire Day 3: 12 July 2017

Post 5 of my experiences and thoughts on Microsoft Inspire Day 3. Day 3 is the last official day of Inspire. The keynote address definitely went in a different direction then what was expected, but was still very entertaining. As it was the last day, I focused exclusively on networking. It was an exhausting day.

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12 Jul 2017

Inspire Day 2: 11 July 2017

Post 4 of my experiences and thoughts on Microsoft Inspire Day 2. As it's my 2nd time at Inspire I've been very selective of the sessions attended so Day 2 focused on informative sessions and networking with other partners.

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11 Jul 2017

Inspire Day 1: 10 July 2017

Post 3 of my experiences and thoughts on Microsoft Inspire Day 1. There were some key announcements being Microsoft 365 and Azure Stack. These are briefly examined as well as our activities during the day.

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10 Jul 2017

Inspire Day 0: Pre-event activites

2nd blog post on my experiences at Microsoft Inspire 2017. Inspire official kicks off on Monday, 10 July, but the event organized activities start on the Sunday along with the general networking that Inspire is famous for. This post is about our pre-event experiences on Day 0 of the conference.

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05 Jul 2017

Pre-Inspire 2017 thoughts

First of 6 blogs posts on Microsoft Inspire 2017. This post focuses on my thoughts going into Inspire this year, my general mind-set and my thoughts on the event itself. I'll be posting a blog for each day of the event, and then of course, a post-event summary.

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