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Inspire Day 3: 12 July 2017

Post 5 of my experiences and thoughts on Microsoft Inspire Day 3. Day 3 is the last official day of Inspire. The keynote address definitely went in a different direction then what was expected, but was still very entertaining. As it was the last day, I focused exclusively on networking. It was an exhausting day.

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Inspire Day 2: 11 July 2017

Post 4 of my experiences and thoughts on Microsoft Inspire Day 2. As it's my 2nd time at Inspire I've been very selective of the sessions attended so Day 2 focused on informative sessions and networking with other partners.

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Inspire Day 1: 10 July 2017

Post 3 of my experiences and thoughts on Microsoft Inspire Day 1. There were some key announcements being Microsoft 365 and Azure Stack. These are briefly examined as well as our activities during the day.

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Inspire Day 0: Pre-event activites

2nd blog post on my experiences at Microsoft Inspire 2017. Inspire official kicks off on Monday, 10 July, but the event organized activities start on the Sunday along with the general networking that Inspire is famous for. This post is about our pre-event experiences on Day 0 of the conference.

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Pre-Inspire 2017 thoughts

First of 6 blogs posts on Microsoft Inspire 2017. This post focuses on my thoughts going into Inspire this year, my general mind-set and my thoughts on the event itself. I'll be posting a blog for each day of the event, and then of course, a post-event summary.

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Unit Testing React Native with Mocha Chai Sinon Enzyme and Istanbul

Unit testing is an integral part of producing reliable software that meets all customer requirements when working in an agile way. Unit tests allow us to rapidly develop new functionality and add any changes without breaking existing functionality. It gives a developer the comfort that everything is still working as intended.

With “React” and especially with “React Native”, which is always changing and growing, we depend heavily on unit tests to make sense of it all. For this reason, we hope that this short guide on how to unit test React Native applications will allow you to ensure that your application code is kept stable and up to date within a rapidly changing environment.

We will cover unit testing and code coverage as well as writing an example unit test.

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Great culture + great tools = happy successful employees

Quite often the process of bringing new tools to life can be long and difficult minefield of corporate politics, hidden agendas and corporate ego’s. Change is resisted due to fear, ingrained habits and culture. Companies need to embrace being disruptive. Not necessarily disrupting their market with a new product, but disrupting themselves to bring change to processes that aren’t working.

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Enterprise Mobility Strategy

An enterprise mobility strategy is less about managing mobile devices and more about being an advocate for the business to enable the business to integrate and deliver new and innovative business services faster. The following guidelines can assist in your enterprise mobility strategy.

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Beginners guide to managing costs in Azure

Microsoft Azure is an extremely powerful and feature rich cloud environment. One can create small websites to heavily resourced virtual machines and the user journeys are largely the same. One has the ability to further scale up your resources with the movement of a dial or the click of a button. This ease of use despite being a massive value add is a significant risk as unknowingly your technical teams can very quickly deploy expensive infrastructure whose monthly consumption will leave you staggering and potentially even questioning your choice to implement Azure.

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